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What is Psychotherapy?

When you undertake a course of psychotherapy you are embarking on a process of self-discovery and personal growth. This could either be learning ways to deal with difficulties we are facing, finding ways to fulfil our potential or overcoming traumatic experiences from our past.

Psychotherapy helps us do this by facilitating awareness of our psychology; how we feel, think and behave. What our perceptions of ourselves, others and the world are, and how our beliefs and fantasies affect our decision making process. This awareness is invaluable because essentially what we are doing is making the unconscious, conscious.

As we become more aware of our unconscious we are able to process things differently and make decisions which are based on creating healthier outcomes. Healthier decisions are easier to make when we are not in internal conflict or feeling guilt and shame about what we want. There is no need to sabotage or limit our capacity to solve our emotional difficulties. We can make the decision that best suits us by being aware of our psychology.

This essentially is what counselling and psychotherapy is. The therapist enables us to move along this process through compassion, understanding, interpretation and feedback. The therapist reflects back to us, in many different ways, who we are and how we experience the world so that we can learn about the decisions we have made about ourselves which now creates our limiting psychology.

Prior to this experience of receiving feedback from a skilled, intuitive therapist we have probably thought that what we think and feel is how everyone thinks and feels i.e. it’s normal. We often experience a sense of enlightenment when we realise that what we have always thought to be normal and the way life is, doesn’t have to be that way. We are now able to understand what we are and are not responsible for. Our life is our life and we are responsible for how our life develops.
When this moment is reached psychotherapy can truly be a liberating experience.

Psychotherapy can help us:

  • Take control of our life
  • REDUCE CONFLICT: internal and interpersonal
  • Overcome our struggles
  • Deal with DEPRESSION
  • Find meaning and purpose in life
  • Overcome difficult feelings: anxiety, ANGER, grief, fear
  • Deal with stress
  • Cope with psychiatric illness
  • Increase the quality of our relationships
  • Deal with panic attacks
  • Overcome repetitive life patterns
  • Get out of our stuckness
  • Grow and develop
  • Learn new parenting skills
  • Overcome sexual difficulties: past or present
  • Deal with domestic abuse: past or present
  • Deal with self-limiting beliefs
  • Discover who we are
  • Stop smoking
  • Increase our self awareness
  • Learn how to succeed
  • Increase our self-esteem
  • Deal with obsessive behaviour
  • Change our negative thinking
  • Thank you for visiting my website

    Hello and welcome to the Leeds Psychotherapy website. My name is Michael Hartley. I am a qualified psychotherapist and have been in private practice since 1996. I offer psychotherapy for individuals and couples.

    What you can find on this website

    This website has more information about what psychotherapy is and how it may help you. You can also find information about the types of issues you can address in psychotherapy. Also there is information about psychotherapy for couples which you may find helpful if you are considering couples therapy.

    Further to this I have written a brief autobiography so you have some knowledge about me, what my experience and level of expertise is. I have incuded this because I believe choosing the right therapist is a crucial ingredient in the success of psychotherapy. I hope this information is of use to you. If you want to discuss anything further or want to arrange initial consultation then email me at michael@leedspsychotherapy.co.uk

    I hope you find what you are looking for!

    Current News: I am unavailable to accept new clients at the moment.
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